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A must for those who aspire to excel in exams. Attend Rakan’s Intensive classes, School Holiday Revision Programs,Crash Course, most powerful seminar,express classes, Exam eve program, monthly tutorials, and also, grab hold of Rakan’s mail order exam tips at once. Rakan’s programs would certainly help you to prepare well for your upcoming exams by providing good tips, excellent guidance and superb handouts.



Unspoken Heroes

In every exams, only the best achievers are usually offered the limelight. No doubt they deserve the praise and attention for their relentless efforts in achieving the unimaginable task, yet in actual fact, it is easier to work on this group of people by way of minor fine tuning in order to elevate them to greater heights in comparison to those students who are in the failing bracket. Having said that, the real challenge lies in transforming the weak and average students where tremendous care, effort and attention is required in order to push them to better grades. They are in fact, the unspoken heroes whose stories are not told hence, become unnoticed. For them, an upliftment from a failing grade to scoring a mere C means a big deal. That being said, a true tuition centre’s success can be valued by determining the actual number of such weak and poor students who have been elevated beyond the failing category. It would be even greater, similar to an Olympic podium inauguration so to speak, when these students are able to clinch A’s and B’s. This is where Rakan can claim its glory as it is remarkably different from others. For example, from the onset itself, many Rakan students who have been identified to be academically weak and towards the further extreme being categorised as failing individuals, had been transformed into achievers after going through their course of studies here. This is clearly visible from the vast improvement that has taken place in the below specified results of our students after joining Rakan’s tuition classes. Judge for yourself as results speaks louder than words!

From failing to scoring! The real triumph of a tuition centre is when it is able to transform weak and failing students to move up the level hence, to score in their exams. This is what Rakan has been doing throughout the years.  The above results are the testament of Rakan’s relentless struggle in helping students to better their exam scores. It’s truly hard work, but Rakan’s success formula had helped to transform many underperforming students into champions. No child should be left unattended as access to quality education is every child’s birth right.


As a parent or student, the most important question that would be running in one’s  mind when  wanting to narrow down your choice of a tuition  place  is, why  should I choose Pusat Tuisyen Rakan in comparison to the many other tuition centres out there and how different is Rakan?




Best & Powerful Seminars

Interact personally with the best teachers in town. Students will be informed the latest format and proper answering techniques.

Mail Order Exam Tips

Grab our tips which will be sent right to your house. Complete with forecast questions and short notes.

Real Intensive Tuition Class

From Primary 4 -Form 5. We build on the foundation well and strengthen the basics. Weekly and monthly exams with regular feedback to parents.

Express Revision Class

Fast & Thorough revision. Preparing students to face exam challenges. Exposure to many types of questions. For UPSR, PT3 & SPM.

Distant Learning Program

Dont worry! Rakan is just a click away. Benefit from Rakan’s excellent teaching, notes, marking system, and monthly tutorials. Staying far away in another state is no longer an issue. Subscribe to Rakan’s distant learning program.

School Holiday Program

Be ahead! Spend your holidays well. Balance play and study appropriately during the school break. Quick and thorough revision of previous years work, emphasis on critical topics and master simple learning techniques by joining Rakan’s holiday program.

Online Notes

Support Rakan so that we can do more for you. Access Rakan’s online library. Simple and Easy notes are made available. Rakan is sincere in helping students to overcome their academic challenges.

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