We care for the Future Generation mainly in Your Education

Our Philosophy
All children have the potential and capability to achieve their aspirations . Through constant drilling and close monitoring , every child can be molded to the path of success. This is in line with the National Education Philosophy.

Our Believe

At Rakan, we strongly believe in excellence. By giving the right techniques, proper teaching , strong encouragement and above all, genuine care and love, your child is able to achieve greatness in his / her academic pursuits

Our Aim

We wish to set forth the right footing by enforcing the basic qualities required academically, mentally and spiritually within our students, in order to make a graduate of them in time to come.

Our Strength

We have meticulously devised a workable examination program that can help with your children’s exam success. Our teaching methodology has been perfected through trial and error over the years.
A 100% examination program has been devised , which is handled by a team of expert and dedicated teachers. As we are registered with the Education Department, our teaching follows the National Education Curriculum,

Our Rational

Thousands of students have benefited from our programs throughout the years in which scores of them have obtained excellent results. This further adds to the effectiveness of our teaching methods as the saying goes
“Results Speak Louder Than Words”

Our Struggle

At Rakan, there should never be a neglected child.

Our Pledge

Quality Teaching With Sincere Care.

Our Appeal

Hence, don’t compromise on your children’s future. Give them quality education by enrolling them at Rakan now. Rakan – Friend for Life.