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Survey Findings

How about the teaching methods ?

We have devised a proven teaching mechanism that will surely help upgrade your children’s exam performance. We emphasize mainly on output learning. Whereas, at other centers , input teaching is widely practiced. We ensure students participation in class. We help them to think out of the box. They are required to do plenty of exercises in class. If they do not understand, we encourage them to brave themselves to speak out their thoughts.

Who are our teachers ?

In most centers , the person you speak to upon registering your child will be different  from the ones who will be teaching. Worse still, at some places, the teachers consist of inexperienced tutors to the extent some even being SPM leavers who pitch in for  extra income.
At Rakan, you will first meet  Mr. Vijay or Mrs. Rani upon registering your child. You talk to them of your concerns, expectations and your children’s  challenges. They will be well aware of what you want thus, help them greatly when dealing  with your child. Mr. Vijay,  our Head of Department for Sciences , teaches Maths and Science subjects. His personal touch will be there and makes it easy for him to access your child and give feedback to you. Mr Vijay has been teaching Science and Maths for over 19 years now. His experience alone surpasses your children’s age . Mrs Rani, our Principal, teaches History and Language subjects. She is an ex-school teacher and has been teaching these subjects for over 15 years now. Both, Mr Vijay’s and Mrs. Rani’s experience allows them to know in and out of the syllabus and the tricks and trades in delivering their respective subjects as well as ensure they (your children) understand these subjects well. You are rest assured with both of them teaching your children as they are able to carry out your mandate in realizing their ( your children’s ) academic aspirations.

What about the notes ?

We provide simple, concise and easy to understand modular notes. Every month, students will be given a fresh set of notes to keep them excited. In the form of a  booklet, it contains simplified notes, exercises to be done in class as well as to be done at home as homework. All our notes’ are checked and updated on a monthly basis. Some students just join our tuition classes as they are attracted to our notes.

How many students are there per class ?

Overall, our classroom size is small. It mostly depends on the type of program you select. For example :

  • VIP Gold class – only has 8 students per class
  • Intensive class – will accommodate 18 – 22 students per class
  • Value package tuition class – Will hold slightly more than 25 students per class but definitely not to the extent of 80 to 100 per class as seen  in some tuition centers.

How would I know whether my child is improving ?

At many places, no exam is given to evaluate your children’s performance. If yes also, they do not mark the exam papers. The exam is merely done as an eye washer to show that there is exam being conducted. Most of the time, you pay fees promptly , month by month, without knowing the improvement within your child, if any at all. Until to the last minute, a bomb shell is dropped on you when you receive  your children’s report card from school. That is the time you discover  they have done extremely bad in their exams but. it would be too late by then, as it would have been towards to the end of the year. Money wasted is one thing but to catch up with the time loss and back log in subject matter is another. Due to this , many children get de-motivated and simply give up. It would be tough to push them at this juncture.
At Rakan, we conduct periodic exams i.e, every month once whereas, for intensive classes, the exams are carried out on a weekly basis. Their answer scripts will be corrected and results noted which then compiled and presented to parents in the form of report card. During our monthly parent-teacher get together, these report cards will be forwarded to parents. You must get involved and understand that a child’ s success lies in the  cooperation between 3 parties  i.e, the student, parent and teacher. This is the time where you can have a heart to heart chat with our teachers on the performance and behavior of your child while at tuition. Remember, your children can be angels at home but behave otherwise once they are out from your sight. It’s important to know of your children’s true nature as it will make it easier for you to keep tap on their movements.


We have taken all necessary safety precautions such as installing of fire extinguishers,  exit lighted signs, emergency lights, first aid kit and other similar devices  to be mobilized in case of an emergency. As we are a licensed center, the relevant authorities such as Bomba and local councils have inspected our premises and checked on the safety devices installed, and safety measures taken, as well as studied the building layout of our center before granting approval  of our licenses. On our personal capacity, we do not let students to go down while running of the class unless parents request otherwise. We place great concern over the safety of our students at all time.


All our classrooms are air-conditioned and fitted with whiteboards and comfortable student chairs We provide place for ‘solat’ for Muslim students. A mini café is set up for students to buy  snacks and drinks. There are comfy sofa’s for parents to relax while waiting  for their children. Book corners, internet access and refreshments are additional features at our center. Board games and other fascinating entertainments are made available for students to pass their time while relaxing with their friends.
Students need to remove their shoes and leave it outside the center. This creates a great sense of home-ness. Overall, a conducive environment that best suits for learning is maintained at our place.

How fast can I see the improvement within my child ?

For sure , we do not have a magic wand that can instantaneously change your child into super kids who can produce excellent results once they are struck with it. Nevertheless, some children respond quickly to our system but others need time to adapt and change. It is more of the children’s ability and willingness to follow our guidance and teachings. However, we confidently assure that you will be able to see some sort of improvement within them through considerable advancement in their performance.

Is there any assurance ?

We would not want to overpromise and under deliver. It would be a bluff if we were to promise excellent results from your child as each person has different potentials and abilities. We do not guarantee A’s but we most certainly assure improvement within your child. We are confident as many students in the past, have experienced vast improvement after they had joined us. Of course, this lies greatly on your children’s determination to follow closely through our program.

Track Record

Lately, many tuition centers had emerged like mushrooms that grow rapidly after a heavy downpour . Today they are in operation and tomorrow they wind up their business, leaving the students to be stranded, not knowing what to do next as exams would be awaiting them round the corner. Should you allow such a pitiful predicament to fall upon your child ? That’s right ! As parent, you are partly to be blamed too. Isn’t it your responsibility to check and make certain of the center you wish your child to study in to be of credible, legitimate and reliable in teaching and in their operations.
Some of this centers would be operating illegally without license, where they stand a great risk of being shut down at any point of time, if detected by the relevant authorities. Worst still, you put your children at jeopardy by allowing them to study in such centers without any track record or even capable teachers to begin with.
In contrast to this, Rakan has been in existence since 1998 and had obtained all necessary license from relevant authorities. Furthermore, thousands of students have gained via our professional guidance thus, had helped them tremendously to excel academic wise. We don’t merely promise but have kept to our word all along by producing many ‘A’ star students. 
By enrolling your child into our programs, you simply ensure them the best  quality education that money can buy.

Our simple justification is as such :

  • How is it possible for so many of Rakan’s students to  achieve excellent results ?
  • Why do students as far away from Johor , Penang, Pahang and other parts of the country need to travel such great distances just to attend for Rakan’s programs ?

No matter what the questions are, the answer still remains the same i.e, we have the solution for your children’s exam success. Our vast experience, proven teaching mechanism and past students result backs our claims. We definitely have something to offer to those who seek our expertise .


Discipline is a vital part of our curriculum. We strongly believe that a well disciplined child is able to triumph over  any of life’s challenges as he / she would distance himself / herself from negative influences and remain focused towards their goals. This value of life need to be nurtured from young itself hence, to be inculcated as a crucial part of their personality . 
Students behavior, completion of homework, participation in class, character while at Rakan, respect towards the teacher, concentration while learning and other important aspects of discipline will be instilled upon our students.
Being students, some of them tend to be   mischievous , naughty and playful. Bearing this in mind , we care for them and understand that this is part and parcel of the growing stage in a child’s life. We take appropriate  measures to handle them as tactful as possible. Advices , counseling, motivation, pet talks and etc, are some of the remedies taken to resolve their behavioral  problems. We hope this will surely help to develop a positive attitude in them. 
Nevertheless, those aggressive ones who cannot be controlled and remain adamant despite numerous warnings and friendly advices , will leave us with no choice but to resort to adverse disciplinary actions  such as expelling them from the center. Such stern actions are necessary as it will be a deterrent to others from doing the same as well as help in upholding our values, quality and reputation.

Attendance Alerts

There are those who play truant as they  make believe their parents as if going for tuition but instead, they choose to hang out with friends, or chill out at cybercafés, or even indulge in immoral  activities. This is very rampant  and is becoming a major problem among today’s youngsters that is quite alarming thus, warrant parents to keep a close watch on their children  especially once they are out of the house.
To overcome this problem and assist you in keeping an eagle’s eye over your children, we send SMS alerts to your phone to trigger you if your child does not attend for any of our classes.  You are also able to call to our parent surveillance hotline at +6014-7327216 to know of your children’s behaviour and whereabouts while at the tuition, or you could walk up to our  center for a surprise check on your child

Would there be homework given ?

This is a tough question to answer, as some parents especially those whom children are in the primary level, dislike us in giving homework. Parents’ rational is that their children would already have plenty of school work and now the tuition center is adding to the workload. On the other hand, we also encounter  complaints on homework given as children tend to go back to  parents  for assistance. Parents become upset as they feel their time is being robbed away from them and worse still, they get annoyed when unable to assist with the work as they do not understand it themselves.
Our honest opinion is that, homework is very necessary, as it helps students to revise and refresh on what has been taught  in the classroom. If not, they tend to forget the lesson done at the center. In the first place, parents should not assist their children with the homework, as we want them ( the student ) to be independent. In actual fact, that is the whole idea in us giving the homework i.e, for them to put some initiative of their own to solve the given problems. Our assurance to parents is that the quantum of homework given will not be of burden to their children. Sufficient work which is absolutely necessary only is given.

Would teachers take the trouble to mark students work ?

Definitely yes. Mainly for primary level, our teachers will correct student’s monthly books. For those above standard 3, BM karangan and English essays will be given once a fortnight. Students must do it as class work or homework, and pass it up to our teachers to be corrected. Marks will be given and recorded which then,  be produced to parents.

Do you provide before and after school supervision ?

Yes. Children can come to our center before or after school. Transportation to send and pick them from school to our  center, or vice versa, can be arranged. Once they are at our center, we have a place for them to bathe and food can be provided. Then, they can start with their work where we will assist and check on their school homework. Later, they can join our tuition classes to further improve themselves. You can fetch them once you are back from work. In this way, you don’t  have to worry about your children as we help to baby sit them throughout the day. We help you in managing your children’s time well. You can go about your office work and other daily chores with peace of mind, not having to worry of your children as they will be in safe hands. Also , you reduce your dependency on foreign maids and able to sleep well as you manage your fears about your  child becoming more of them.

How about the fees ?

Our fees are neither cheap nor expensive. Undoubtfully, it is affordable by everyone. We offer various types of programs ranging from value packages to VIP classes, to cater for all category of people. You are able to select the programs according to your budget and needs. At Rakan, we offer quality teaching hence, there is a certain value to our product. As the old saying goes “You pay Peanut, and you get Monkeys”. How much a product costs is often associated to its value. We urge parents to be more realistic and see what we have to offer as a whole.

When must I pay my tuition fees ?

All tuition fees must be paid  at the beginning  of the month preferably, before the 5th of each calendar month. All tuition fees paid is non refundable and non transferable. Students will be refrained from entering the class, if any part of the fee remains overdue after the 5th day of the month.

Does Rakan give spotted questions, mainly for UPSR, PMR & SPM EXAMINATION CANDIDATES ?

Most definitely, yes. This is a yearly affair at Rakan. We have a team comprising of top notch exam experts who help  narrow down the important topics and favourite questions that would most likely to come out for the current years examination. Our spotted questions are highly accurate and reliable. Remember, we do not give out leaked exam questions / papers but,  rest assured, our spotted questions are of superior demand to that.

What are the available time schedule ?

We have many choices  of time – table that best suit your requirements i.e, there are day, afternoon, evening , night, weekday and weekend sessions. You could also select , either twice, thrice or daily classes in a week, to suit  your needs.

Would classes be held on Public Holidays ?

No. All classes will automatically be cancelled if it falls on a public holiday and we are not obligated to replace these classes . However , as a gesture of good will, we allow students to replace the classes only if there is an alternate class available . You are to let the management know in advance before proceeding to replace the classes.

Will Rakan give Extra Classes ?

Workshops and tutorials will be organised for Rakan students from time to time. Mainly for exam year students, these extra workshops serve as a platform for them to dish out their qualms and doubts hence,  help overcome their inability in understanding certain concepts or calculations, or difficulty in mastering a particular topic, or uncertainty of facts and methodology, or etc. Our teachers will drill them on their weak areas as well as to explain in depth on topics that they had learnt during tuition class hence , help them to achieve better scores in exams.

Wouldn’t my child be tired when attending for tuition classes ?

Somehow or rather , your child is going to be tired, either by running around, watching television or playing video games. Look on the bright side, with us your child becomes tired  studying. In this way, their time is well spent in a positive manner. You are able to cut down on their non productive activities.  
Given a choice, of course, your child would choose studying  in second to playing. This is a common nature among all  children. Again, not all will behave in this manner but the majority of them are so. 
Remember, children are like a white piece of cloth. You on the other hand, are holding a brush with paint on it. How you wish to draw or color on that piece of cloth entirely depends  to you. In short, your child’s future lies absolutely in your hands. 
At times, you have to draw the line by putting down your foot when it comes to certain decisions mainly when it concerns their education as you know for the best. Showering your child with  love and giving them your undivided care is one thing but, being blinded and not willing to take necessary action when circumstances warrants you , is another matter altogether. Many parents tend to give too much of freedom and space in listening to their children and allow them to make important decisions on their own. This might spell disaster as your children become too independent  and rebellious when you step in to take control. Better be firm now than to be sorry later.  Furthermore, you (as the parent) would  have gone through the thick and thin of life  hence, making you much mature in taking the right decision that ensures your child’s bright future. 
Nowadays, tuition is not a trend but is a must. In Rakan, we teach our students the right learning techniques and critical thinking skills. Anyhow, Rakan teachers are well trained in making the class lively and fun. Students enjoy themselves while at our center.

Does Rakan organize seminars , crash courses and other examination programs ?

Without fail, we are assured to conduct seminars, crash courses and other examination programs for the benefit of our students as it is vital for them to attend for such programs before sitting for exams. When our full course tuition students enrol for these additional programs, they enjoy cheaper rates through our loyalty discounts. We provide you a one stop solution at Rakan. Such programs will help your child tremendously to fine tune them towards exam as well as to master the right examination techniques.

Can I talk to someone to seek for advice pertaining to my child’s problem ?

You are most welcome as we are ready to help you in any way possible. Only that, you need to call first to arrange an appointment for a counseling session with our friendly consultants . You can get our feedback and views on proper ways of handling kids as we deal with all type of students on a day to day basis. 
We totally agree with you that, it’s not easy in bringing up children nowadays. You need help from all quarters to ensure your children are on the right track. 
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone like us to give you a helping hand in raising your children well ?

Must I send my child for tuition during school holidays ?

Not a compulsory but yes, it will be good for your child. During the holidays, their study is put to rest. They play and have fun till the school reopens . By then, everything will be forgotten. Bad habits and laziness tend to set in. Then, it is often difficult to bring them back to the right track again.
Why not balance their holidays with study ? In this way, you are rest assured with them keeping in touch  with their studies. They will  still be reminded of their fundamentals hence, when school reopens, they are able to cope better with the lessons. This definitely gives them  the confidence to strive further and achieve greater heights academically.
On the other hand, if they forget their stuffs, they  surely will not understand the next stage in stored for them as they will be promoted to a higher level  (standard or form), once school reopens. This will surely put them off. When they don’t do well in their monthly  tests or even their mid term or final exams, this certainly will dampen their spirits. Students tend to dislike the subjects that seem tough to them and resort to giving up on it.

Licensing & Approval

Pusat Tuisyen Rakan is a full fledge registered center under the Malaysian  Education Act 1996 . Therefore, our teaching follows the National Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.

Is it only academic based ?

No. We not only gage them academically but also help develop their interpersonal skills and attitude wise via our non academic events. Your children can participate in our frequently organized get together, team building camps, money wise programs, charity drives and other similar events. We work hard to keep them occupied to the best of our ability.

How Rakan is different from other Tuition Centers ?

We offer you “Quality Teaching with Sincere Care”. We have developed a proven teaching mechanism via our small classes, disciplined environment , air conditioned classrooms, dedicated and highly qualified teachers, excellent notes system,  and progressive exams with periodic report card to parents. To top it of, we offer you a one stop solution whereby we incorporate non-academic programs into our curriculum that adds value to the service we render. “Students first, Improvement assured” that’s our motto. 
Our open door policy is greatly welcomed by customers as we have initiated a feedback system which enables you (the parent / student), to provide your views on variety of issues  that could be overlooked or belittled. We believe in a sincere and honest communication about any issues related to your child’s learning  and development. We encourage 3 way communications i.e, between you ( the parent ) , your child and our teachers. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your child  learns well at our center.