This is a tough question to answer, as some parents especially those whom children are in the primary level, dislike us in giving homework. Parents’ rational is that their children would already have plenty of school work and now the tuition center is adding to the workload. On the other hand, we also encounter  complaints on homework given as children tend to go back to  parents  for assistance. Parents become upset as they feel their time is being robbed away from them and worse still, they get annoyed when unable to assist with the work as they do not understand it themselves.
Our honest opinion is that, homework is very necessary, as it helps students to revise and refresh on what has been taught  in the classroom. If not, they tend to forget the lesson done at the center. In the first place, parents should not assist their children with the homework, as we want them ( the student ) to be independent. In actual fact, that is the whole idea in us giving the homework i.e, for them to put some initiative of their own to solve the given problems. Our assurance to parents is that the quantum of homework given will not be of burden to their children. Sufficient work which is absolutely necessary only is given.

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