At many places, no exam is given to evaluate your children’s performance. If yes also, they do not mark the exam papers. The exam is merely done as an eye washer to show that there is exam being conducted. Most of the time, you pay fees promptly , month by month, without knowing the improvement within your child, if any at all. Until to the last minute, a bomb shell is dropped on you when you receive  your children’s report card from school. That is the time you discover  they have done extremely bad in their exams but. it would be too late by then, as it would have been towards to the end of the year. Money wasted is one thing but to catch up with the time loss and back log in subject matter is another. Due to this , many children get de-motivated and simply give up. It would be tough to push them at this juncture.
At Rakan, we conduct periodic exams i.e, every month once whereas, for intensive classes, the exams are carried out on a weekly basis. Their answer scripts will be corrected and results noted which then compiled and presented to parents in the form of report card. During our monthly parent-teacher get together, these report cards will be forwarded to parents. You must get involved and understand that a child’ s success lies in the  cooperation between 3 parties  i.e, the student, parent and teacher. This is the time where you can have a heart to heart chat with our teachers on the performance and behavior of your child while at tuition. Remember, your children can be angels at home but behave otherwise once they are out from your sight. It’s important to know of your children’s true nature as it will make it easier for you to keep tap on their movements.

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