Discipline is a vital part of our curriculum. We strongly believe that a well disciplined child is able to triumph over  any of life’s challenges as he / she would distance himself / herself from negative influences and remain focused towards their goals. This value of life need to be nurtured from young itself hence, to be inculcated as a crucial part of their personality . 
Students behavior, completion of homework, participation in class, character while at Rakan, respect towards the teacher, concentration while learning and other important aspects of discipline will be instilled upon our students.
Being students, some of them tend to be   mischievous , naughty and playful. Bearing this in mind , we care for them and understand that this is part and parcel of the growing stage in a child’s life. We take appropriate  measures to handle them as tactful as possible. Advices , counseling, motivation, pet talks and etc, are some of the remedies taken to resolve their behavioral  problems. We hope this will surely help to develop a positive attitude in them. 
Nevertheless, those aggressive ones who cannot be controlled and remain adamant despite numerous warnings and friendly advices , will leave us with no choice but to resort to adverse disciplinary actions  such as expelling them from the center. Such stern actions are necessary as it will be a deterrent to others from doing the same as well as help in upholding our values, quality and reputation.

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