Yes. Children can come to our center before or after school. Transportation to send and pick them from school to our  center, or vice versa, can be arranged. Once they are at our center, we have a place for them to bathe and food can be provided. Then, they can start with their work where we will assist and check on their school homework. Later, they can join our tuition classes to further improve themselves. You can fetch them once you are back from work. In this way, you don’t  have to worry about your children as we help to baby sit them throughout the day. We help you in managing your children’s time well. You can go about your office work and other daily chores with peace of mind, not having to worry of your children as they will be in safe hands. Also , you reduce your dependency on foreign maids and able to sleep well as you manage your fears about your  child becoming more of them.

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