Not a compulsory but yes, it will be good for your child. During the holidays, their study is put to rest. They play and have fun till the school reopens . By then, everything will be forgotten. Bad habits and laziness tend to set in. Then, it is often difficult to bring them back to the right track again.
Why not balance their holidays with study ? In this way, you are rest assured with them keeping in touch  with their studies. They will  still be reminded of their fundamentals hence, when school reopens, they are able to cope better with the lessons. This definitely gives them  the confidence to strive further and achieve greater heights academically.
On the other hand, if they forget their stuffs, they  surely will not understand the next stage in stored for them as they will be promoted to a higher level  (standard or form), once school reopens. This will surely put them off. When they don’t do well in their monthly  tests or even their mid term or final exams, this certainly will dampen their spirits. Students tend to dislike the subjects that seem tough to them and resort to giving up on it.

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