In most centers , the person you speak to upon registering your child will be different  from the ones who will be teaching. Worse still, at some places, the teachers consist of inexperienced tutors to the extent some even being SPM leavers who pitch in for  extra income.
At Rakan, you will first meet  Mr. Vijay or Mrs. Rani upon registering your child. You talk to them of your concerns, expectations and your children’s  challenges. They will be well aware of what you want thus, help them greatly when dealing  with your child. Mr. Vijay,  our Head of Department for Sciences , teaches Maths and Science subjects. His personal touch will be there and makes it easy for him to access your child and give feedback to you. Mr Vijay has been teaching Science and Maths for over 19 years now. His experience alone surpasses your children’s age . Mrs Rani, our Principal, teaches History and Language subjects. She is an ex-school teacher and has been teaching these subjects for over 15 years now. Both, Mr Vijay’s and Mrs. Rani’s experience allows them to know in and out of the syllabus and the tricks and trades in delivering their respective subjects as well as ensure they (your children) understand these subjects well. You are rest assured with both of them teaching your children as they are able to carry out your mandate in realizing their ( your children’s ) academic aspirations.

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