Lately, many tuition centers had emerged like mushrooms that grow rapidly after a heavy downpour . Today they are in operation and tomorrow they wind up their business, leaving the students to be stranded, not knowing what to do next as exams would be awaiting them round the corner. Should you allow such a pitiful predicament to fall upon your child ? That’s right ! As parent, you are partly to be blamed too. Isn’t it your responsibility to check and make certain of the center you wish your child to study in to be of credible, legitimate and reliable in teaching and in their operations.
Some of this centers would be operating illegally without license, where they stand a great risk of being shut down at any point of time, if detected by the relevant authorities. Worst still, you put your children at jeopardy by allowing them to study in such centers without any track record or even capable teachers to begin with.
In contrast to this, Rakan has been in existence since 1998 and had obtained all necessary license from relevant authorities. Furthermore, thousands of students have gained via our professional guidance thus, had helped them tremendously to excel academic wise. We don’t merely promise but have kept to our word all along by producing many ‘A’ star students. 
By enrolling your child into our programs, you simply ensure them the best  quality education that money can buy.

Our simple justification is as such :

  • How is it possible for so many of Rakan’s students to  achieve excellent results ?
  • Why do students as far away from Johor , Penang, Pahang and other parts of the country need to travel such great distances just to attend for Rakan’s programs ?

No matter what the questions are, the answer still remains the same i.e, we have the solution for your children’s exam success. Our vast experience, proven teaching mechanism and past students result backs our claims. We definitely have something to offer to those who seek our expertise .

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