Somehow or rather , your child is going to be tired, either by running around, watching television or playing video games. Look on the bright side, with us your child becomes tired  studying. In this way, their time is well spent in a positive manner. You are able to cut down on their non productive activities.  
Given a choice, of course, your child would choose studying  in second to playing. This is a common nature among all  children. Again, not all will behave in this manner but the majority of them are so. 
Remember, children are like a white piece of cloth. You on the other hand, are holding a brush with paint on it. How you wish to draw or color on that piece of cloth entirely depends  to you. In short, your child’s future lies absolutely in your hands. 
At times, you have to draw the line by putting down your foot when it comes to certain decisions mainly when it concerns their education as you know for the best. Showering your child with  love and giving them your undivided care is one thing but, being blinded and not willing to take necessary action when circumstances warrants you , is another matter altogether. Many parents tend to give too much of freedom and space in listening to their children and allow them to make important decisions on their own. This might spell disaster as your children become too independent  and rebellious when you step in to take control. Better be firm now than to be sorry later.  Furthermore, you (as the parent) would  have gone through the thick and thin of life  hence, making you much mature in taking the right decision that ensures your child’s bright future. 
Nowadays, tuition is not a trend but is a must. In Rakan, we teach our students the right learning techniques and critical thinking skills. Anyhow, Rakan teachers are well trained in making the class lively and fun. Students enjoy themselves while at our center.

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