1. METICULOUSLY PLANNED ACADEMIC PROGRAMS – A workable teaching mechanism is adapted whereby it’s 100% exam oriented

2. DEDICATED TEACHERS – Our programs are handled by a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are experts in their respective subject

3. USER FRIENDLY NOTES SYSTEM – Summarized, concise, compact and yearly updated notes are provided for students

4. MOTIVATION & STUDY SKILL SESSIONS – We provide constant motivation & believe that a highly motivated student will perform at his/her fullest potential

5. ACADEMIC CLINICS – Homework & unclear facts can be forwarded to our teachers. Personalized care is given

6. WORKSHOPS ON WEEKENDS – Revision classes for UPSR, PT3 & SPM students are conducted. It is absolutely Free for Rakanians.

7. RAKAN’S QUESTION BANK – Rakan students are drilled on Past Year Questions & Trial Papers of selected schools in Malaysia

8. CONSTANT ASSESSMENT EXAMS – Periodic assessment exams to evaluate students understanding & performance are conducted. Results will be forwarded to parents via report card

9. EMPHASIS ON RAKAN’S STUDY PROGRAM (RSP) – Homework is given to reinforce what students have learnt in class

10. PROVEN TRACK RECORD – Our past students results speak itself. In short, we help students to polish and shine the uncut diamond buried within them

11. RAKAN HAS BEEN OPERATING SINCE 1998 – Our vast experiences in the education industry, has taught useful lessons which has helped us to formulate a workable teaching mechanism that assures improvement within our students. We strongly believe that through proper guidance, constant motivation and right approach, blended with genuine care and love, your child too can be moulded towards his/her academic excellence