What sets Rakan apart from others?

Rakan does not merely prioritize on academic excellence but, emphasises greatly on students discipline and attitudinal development. No doubt Rakan is a tuition centre but, it actually functions and runs more like a school. In fact, a home ambience can be observed at Rakan where a strict and disciplined environment is evidently in place blended with lots of love and care from its teachers. The fundamental philosophy upheld by Rakan teachers is on the premise that every children are seen to be their own immaterial of student’s race, religion, stature and background. Rakan teachers truly work very hard in ensuring students understand what had been taught although the same thing needs to be repeated numerous times with the sole intention to induce some level of academic improvement in them. The bottom line is that students must understand what they have been taught for the day. Emphasis is given on attitudinal and behavioural improvement as when both of this qualities are fine-tuned appropriately then, education will automatically fall into place. That is why in spite of being qualified in their subject matter alone, Rakan teachers too possess a background in psychology which helps them greatly in tackling students issues. Henceforth, it is difficult for students to outsmart Rakan teachers as Rakan’s teachers acquire both vast experience and psychological know how in tactfully handling students especially, those hard core ones.

Best of all, the cook himself enters the kitchen to whip up the best dish possible i.e., Cikgu Vijay himself enters the class to teach critical subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics and Biology. Cikgu Vijay’s ability to blend well with students makes it possible for him to understand their struggles and challenges. In doing so, the student teacher gap is bridged thus, allowing students feel appreciated and understood as this certainly helps spur them forward towards academic excellence.

Rakan’s Uniqueness and Strength


  • Rakan is headed by Cikgu Vijay. Cikgu Vijay is a powerful motivator who has been teaching critical subjects for the past 28 over years. His specialisation is in Maths and Science where he teaches both of these subjects from primary 6 till Form 5. Cikgu Vijay also  handles science stream subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Add Maths and Biology for Form 4 and 5 (SPM), IGCSE, O Levels, A Levels and Maths for university  students. 

  • Cikgu Vijay had obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Science from University Of Malaya, majoring in Zoology and minoring in Genetics. He then completed his Masters in Counselling and a MBA (UE London). Currently, Cikgu Vijay is pursuing a PhD in Psychology. He is also a certified neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics (NS)  practitioner. Cikgu Vijay is a certified HRDF trainer and is a registered counsellor with Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (LKM).  For further information about Cikgu Vijay and to learn of his writings, do visit cikguksvijay.blogspot.com.

  • It is a mix and match where different teachers would possess different qualification. Some might carry a diploma or a degree and others might have Masters or even a PHD.

    One thing assured is that all Rakan teachers must be registered with the EDUCATION MINISTRY that deems them credible to teach. Rakan teachers must be able to deliver the subject matter well, make lessons lively and be able to attract student’s attention.

    Rakan teachers are highly dedicated, well experienced and go the extra mile in making students understand what had been taught.

  • No. We wish not change any of our teachers as it would disrupt the synergy in students. Students learning and concentration would be affected as they would take time to adjust themselves to the teaching style of a new teacher. For the past 10 years, Rakan is proud to inform that our core teachers had remained loyal with us which has allowed us to gain confidence from parents and students. Changes would only be done in dire circumstance. Students have the ultimate say in the maintaining of teachers through periodic assessment of our teachers performance.

Class Size

  • Rakan emphasises on quality. Rakan’s regular tuition classes (RTC) and Rakan’s Intensive Tuition Classes (ITC) for both primary and secondary levels would be confined to 20 students per class. Rakan’s class rooms are intentionally built small in order to honour the promise made to parents. You can always walk in to Rakan’s centre to look at the classroom size before registering your child. This is why Rakan has opened up many sessions in order to spread out thus, limit the number of students per class. The moment the student number exceeds 20, a new class will be opened.  Nevertheless, Rakan teachers are extremely capable in handling large crowds as they are seminar speakers who are able to give talks and deliver lessons to larger number of audiences ranging anywhere between  150 – 250 pax yet, able to  leave an outstanding impact on students  upon  completing their powerful presentation.

  • This is crucial as we want Rakan teachers to be able to know their students well and to better interact with the students. Furthermore, with lesser number of students per class,  Rakan students would most definitely be able to focus better on the lesson taught. Students would not be shy or afraid to pose questions towards the teacher when the class size is small. The teacher would also be able to better control the class as the class discipline can be managed well due to the smaller class size. 


  • Rakan would conduct exams at the end of every month. Whatever students had learned in the past months together with topics covered in the previous year would be tested via Rakan’s monthly test. Rakan’s monthly exams would be conducted during the final week of each month.

  • Firstly, Rakan’s exams are conducted to evaluate students understanding over what has been taught in the past months. Secondly, as teachers we need to identify the areas in which students face difficulty so that greater emphasis can be given on this areas. It is nonsensical to simply continue teaching without gaging students understanding. Thirdly, Rakan feels obligated to inform parents of the improvement that takes place within their child. Fourthly, students will get used to Rakan’s monthly exams therefore, get themselves accustomed with exam scenario before they face their real school exams. As such, the fear of exam that rages in many can slowly be pacified and ultimately diminished. Fifthly,  certain negative habits when doing exams like being careless, straying away from the exam question, non-observance of exam instructions, leaving questions unanswered and other detrimental examination foul ups can be identified thus, slowly corrected and negated. As a whole, Rakan’s exams offers a whole lot of good in terms of helping students to master examination skills.

  • Yes, once the exam is done, students papers would be marked, graded and, the results would be put into report card which would then be forwarded either by way of SMS, whatsapp, email or parents themselves can walk into Rakan centre during our monthly meet the parent sessions to collect the report card. It would take approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the last exam date for the student’s papers to be marked, discussed, rechecked, tabulated and to transfer the marks onto the report card before it can be forwarded to parents.  However, the exam papers would be returned to students once it has been discussed.


  • Yes, especially primary school student’s work would be marked by Rakan teachers. It is a tedious job yet, we take the initiative to mark students class exercises whereafter students are required to do correction for the wrong ones. After marking, our teachers will spend time to explain to the student on why they had been marked wrong. In this way, students obtain personalised attention where their weak areas are identified hence, their understanding would be further reinforced via in depth explanation.  

Writing Skills

  • Certainly yes. Rakan students would be given suitable Karangan and Essay topics to be done as class exercise or even to be brought back as homework. Students are required to handover their writing scripts for marking. Rakan teachers would mark students work based on the current examination standards and do rectify grammatical errors as well as rewrite those incorrect sentences without changing their ideas.  Marks would be awarded for their writing and incorporated into the report card which is then forwarded to parents.  Students marked answer scripts will be returned in order for them to do correction.  It is a very tedious process where at times, it takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour to thoroughly read and mark a particular student’s answer script. Nevertheless, Rakan teachers are very dedicated indeed to offer Rakan students the best in quality.  In the past, the topics that student have done for karangan and essay as class exercises  has come out exactly word for word in their exams. Just imagine this scenario, the same title being asked for exams where students had done it in class as practice, handed over to our teachers, gotten  it marked, graded and having it rewritten as correction. In such a circumstance wouldn’t students be able to score in their exams for BM and English? Remember! These are not leaked questions but merely, specially selected questions by Rakan’s very own experienced teachers.  


  • Motivation is deemed essential as an integral learning component that helps spur students’ intellectual performance. At Rakan, we strongly believe that a highly inspired student would be able to defeat all odds thus, allowing him/her to push his/her limits in order to achieve greater heights in life. Our teachers would subtly rub into the students mind on the importance of education, adherence to ethical values and observance of moral norms as these are crucial elements of character building. This is done while delivering their lessons Constant motivation whether directly or indirectly is also carried out.

    Do not forget, Rakan’s own chef i.e., Cikgu Vijay himself is an extremely powerful motivator who is commonly invited by schools and organisations to deliver motivational talks. This is an added advantage to Rakan students as they would also be given a chance to attend Cikgu Vijay’s motivation sessions from time to time with no extra fees being charged upon them.


  • Of course yes. Rakan students will be given monthly notes in the form of booklet that comprises simplified notes, class exercises and exercises to be brought back as homework. These notes are updated on yearly basis. Many find Rakan Notes extremely useful as the exercises in it are most definitely relevant and of high standards. 


  • An additional booklet will be given that consist of more challenging questions which requires critical thinking. Students need to go back and answer these questions where the questions would be discussed later in class. The questions in the RSP booklet would inevitably help students to be exposed to multitude types of questions. By doing this exercises, students would improve on their academic performance as well as, upgrade their answering technique skills.


  • Yes. A justifiable amount of homework would be given to further reinforce on what students had studied for the week at Rakan tuition. We would not want to burden students with overload of work as we do understand that they would already have a significant amount of school homework to be done. 


  • As a parent, we truly understand your concerns. Do not worry as when the student does not turn up for classes, we would call parents to inform of their absenteeism. We assure you that at Rakan, discipline is always prioritized.

    What should I do as a parent if my child or I as a student am unable to attend for classes? Call us immediately to our 24/7 hotline number @012 – 680 5900 or, even whatsapp to us on the inability of the student to attend classes. We would then suggest an alternate timing for the student to replace the classes only if available. All lessons should not be missed as it will then disrupt the learning process of the student.

  • Most definitely yes. Parents can directly call to our 24/7 hotline number at   012 6805900 or, walk in straight to Rakan centre to check on their children’s class attendance.


  • It is a valid concern and sure enough at Rakan, we have a solution for your dilemma. At times, it is vital for students to have grasped the fundamentals that would have been thought in the earlier years as certain topics that they currently learn are in fact extension and continuation of previous year’s lessons. This is inevitably important for examination years for instance, UPSR students would be tested upon Primary 4,5 and 6 work whereas, PT3 students would be tested upon Form1,2 and 3 work and finally, SPM students would be examined on Form 4 and 5 work. Furthermore, for certain subjects such as SPM mathematics, students will be tested upon F1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 topics. In addition to that, students might only join Rakan when they are in Form 5 where they would lack the knowledge and understanding required of the previous year’s work.  Despite this, students need not fear as they can join Rakan’s intensive tuition classes (ITC) where they can benefit from the opportunity to revise and learn all the previous year’s work together with the current year’s topics.

  • Students are required to attend one lesson weekly for every subject. They might need to attend for a minimum of two hours per time as two subjects would be arranged back to back in order to make the travel to Pusat Tuisyen Rakan worthwhile. However, students who are staying far away can   reduce their travelling time and frequency by opting to take all subjects in a single day where they need to spend longer hours with us. Such flexibility is made available in Rakan’s timetable.

  • Some might ponder whether if 1 hour class per subject in a week would be sufficient to generate the aspired results within a student. Rakan teachers are expert and well experienced in their subject matter whereby, they are able to simplify, summarise and confine a particular topic into 2 to 3 pages of content where in actual fact it might be expressed in around 40 to 50 pages in the reference book. We deliver the gist of the essence of a topic thus, making the subject easily understandable by students. In doing so, students find the subject much easier and therefore, are attracted to it as they become attuned to the simple manner in which our teachers deliver the subject matter. Lengthy hours of classes will eat into students rest and play time making students to become non-productive. In fact, 1 hour class per subject under Rakan’s qualified teachers’ guidance is sufficient enough to create improvement. Furthermore, Rakan’s past students’ performance record clearly shows that the one hour class per subject is sufficient and effective enough in generating results amongst students.

    Survey results show that current day students prefer attending short period of lessons which is much more effective rather than sitting for ineffective long period of classes. Also, through our own analysis we had found that when a particular subject is dragged for more than 1 hour then, students become bored and their attention span tends to deteriorate greatly. Therefore, the ideal scenario for peak mental absorption would be one hour of classes per subject based on Rakan’s lesson planning.

  • Yes, students are never prevented from attending repetition classes to further enhance their understanding. No extra charges are imposed upon students for doing so. Students just need to inform the management if they wish to attend classes for repetition. 

  • Rakan’s centre will be closed on public holidays therefore, no classes would be held.  It is our strong believe that students should spend their precious time with their respective family on public holidays where all family members get the chance to congregate together. A healthy and well developed child would perform well academically hence, we wish not to pressurise our students by running classes on public holidays. Taking away students public holidays would ruin the opportunity for a meaningful family gathering.  In short, public holidays are critical periods in a year which must be utilised to observe family unity in the spirit of upholding family wellbeing.

  • Yes, other than public holidays Rakan’s classes would run as normal throughout the year.  Rakan classes would also be conducted as usual during school holidays. However, if at all due to unforeseen circumstances where classes could not be held then, prior notice would be given to all Rakan students via sms, whatsapp , notification on Pusat Tuisyen Rakan’s facebook, website and even blog.  For further clarification, parents and students can always contact our 24/7 hotline number @ 012 – 680 5900.

  • We strongly do not encourage any trial classes as Rakan has been in operations for over 15 years now. It would be truly unfair to judge our teachers performance based on a single day’s observation.

    For example , a student who sits in for trial class would unfairly judge our teacher as the class could be a follow up lesson from the previous week or , the student can even be emotionally disturbed due to anxiety when attending class for the first time which prompts him to negatively asses the teachers performance.

    How could this be fair to the teacher?
    Therefore, the ideal scenario is for the student to pay and attend classes for a month period and only then come out with a conclusion whether to proceed or not with the class. Furthermore, Rakan is registered with the Ministry of Education which stipulates that it is regulated by the authorities. Rakan also follows the national syllabus and adopts to all changes that occurs in it. Rakan has a proven track record in producing excellent results amongst its students.

    Subsequently, one could check on our video teachings as well as, look into students and parents testimonies on YouTube simply by clicking onto the link Cikgu Vijay.


  • Rakan has variety of programmes ranging from one to one personal classes, VIP Gold Classes(10 per group), VIP Silver (18 per group) classes, regular tuition classes, intensive tuition classes, seminars, school holiday revision programmes, express classes, final exam revision classes, smart score programmes, academic workshops and etc. Each program serves its need. To know more about this programmes you could look at Rakan’s academic planner or go to the respective program’s icon and click on it for additional details. Better still call us directly on our 24/7 hotline number @ 012 680 5900 to seek further clarification.

  • Rakan is a one stop centre where it offers variety of programmes to accommodate customer’s   needs as there is great demand for each and every one of its programmes. Every program organised has its purpose. Most of the time students do not study at home. Hence, parents prefer to send their children for different types of programmes to well occupy their children’s time.  By attending Rakan’s tuition programmes, comprehensive revision is done that extremely benefits the child. For example, during first term school holiday programme, previous years’ work ie, form 1 and two topics would be revised for PT3 whereas, during second term school holiday programme, all Form 1,2 and 3 topics would be revised again through specially prepared modules. Subsequently, during PT3 seminar, exam skills and answering techniques would be greatly emphasised on.  In addition to that, upon nearing the PT3 exam, Rakan’s crash revision course and Rakan’s express classes would significantly help students to be exposd to exam pitfalls, current trend of exam questions and favourite topics and questions forecasted for the year. All these programmes are additional to the normal regular tuition classes and intensive tuition classes that at times would be running concurrently. All of Rakan’s programmes truly helps student to enhance their exam preparation as they are 100% exam orientated. Moreover, Rakan students are always appreciated as they are given special discounted price when they attend for any of the add on programmes.

  • Parents and students can refer to Rakan’s current year’s academic planner to learn of the programmes that would be conducted.  The month where the program would be run would be clearly indicated in the planner. To know more of the programmes, you could go onto the specific programmes webpage where adequate description would be provided. On top of that, if there is any other additional queries, you could always contact Rakan’s 24/7 hotline number @ 012 680 5900

  • Rakan’s intensive tuition classes (ITC) is different from Rakan’s regular tuition classes (RTC).  Intensive classes are longer in hours as the previous years’ work would be revised together. For example, a PT3 student would undergo revision of F1, 2 and 3 work in the intensive program. Similarly a UPSR student will be taught primary 4, 5 and 6 work. Whereas, a F5 student will learn both F4 and 5 work in the intensive program. It is also similar for all other levels. Therefore, for thorough and intensive drilling, students are highly recommended to join Rakan’s Intensive classes.

  • Workshops would be conducted weekly to reinforce what students had studied during the week. Quick and thorough revision would be done on past topics that are deemed important and necessary by Rakan teachers. Question and answer sessions would be conducted to make the class more interactive. Emphasis is given to specially selected practises. This workshops/ bengkel are done absolutely free of charge for Rakan students. Students are required to follow accordingly with the workshop timetable which would be given in advance to them. Usually, Rakan’s workshop are run every Sunday from 8 am – 10pm. Do obtain the workshop timetable from Rakan’s front desk personnel to get further certainty on the timing.


  • Rakan’s tuition fees are very affordable. We have many types of programmes made available therefore, the fee might vary according to the program. For further clarity, let’s consider the fees for Rakan’s promo plus program (RPPP): Registration fee: RM40 (payable only once throughout students study at Rakan). Annual Material fee: RM200 (RM100).

    Monthly fees
    Standard 1 to standard 5: RM 160 per month (6 subjects – Bahasa Melayu ( Pemahaman + Penulisan), English (Comprehension and Writing), Maths and Science). Standard 6 (upsr): RM 170 per month (6 subjects – Bahasa Melayu (PEMAHAMAN + Penulisan), English (Comprehension and Writing). F 1, 2 and 3 (PT3): RM170 per month (6 SUBJECTS- Bahasa Melayu (Sistem Bahasa, Penulisan dan Lisan), English (Written and Oral), Maths and Science). F4 and 5(SPM): RM295 per month: (8 subjects)/ RM185 (4 SUBJECTS)- (Bahasa Melayu, English, Maths, Sejarah, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, A. Maths, Science, Perdagangan, Ekonomi or Akauns) .

    The fees above is only for promo plus program which has a specific timetable and packaged subjects (Terms and conditions apply). All fees mentioned are limited to promotion period. Do walk in to Rakan Centre to find out more of our programmes.

  • All fees must be completely paid before students begins classes at Pusat Tuisyen Rakan.

    Subsequent monthly payments are to be paid latest by the 7th of each calendar month.

  • You could either pay cash at Rakan’s counter, bank in into our account or carry out bank transfer. The first payment must be paid in cash upon registering of student. Consecutive monthly payments can be made either by cash (direct pay at Rakan counter, bank in or transfer into Rakan’s account) or cheque.

    It is highly recommended for parents to personally pay a visit to Rakan’s centre when registering your child. It is well and good for parents to do so as this would allow us to personally get to know you as the parent thus, to learn of your concerns and the expectations you would have on your child. At the same time, your presence would help build a good relationship as you will personally get the chance to mingle with our teachers. Also, you would be able to learn on how the classes are run at Rakan as well as, understand our expectations of our students and parents.

  • For the time being NO. If there are any changes in the future you would be informed accordingly.


  • Yes. Transport is provided to fetch students directly from school for those whose schools are located within 3 kilometre radius from Rakan centre. The pick-up time is according to the schedule set by the transporter (Anytime between 1 pm to 3 pm).  A reasonable additional fee would be imposed for transportation services. Please communicate with our reception counter personnel to know more about the transportation.

  • For transportation from school, the cost will linger around RM20 to RM30 per month per student for one way travel if it is within the 3 kilometre radius.

  • The transport charges must be paid at Rakan centre before the 5th of every month as it is on a pre-pay basis.  Supposing, If the student were to miss the transport at any time then, there won’t be any refund or compensation of any sort . The transportation fees paid is also non-transferable to others.


  • Yes, the simple fact that Rakan’s website name ends with the word edu.my clearly indicates that Rakan is registered with the education ministry as only registered tuition centres with ministry of education are granted usage of the web host edu.my. One can also walk into Rakan centre to take a look at the exhibited education licence.


  • Of course, yes. In the past, numerous students who were initially weak i.e., being in the failing category had shown significant and gradual improvement in their studies after attending Rakan’s tuition programmes. Some even had tremendously jumped by leap and bounds by scoring A’s and B’s in their school exams as well, in the national exams. In a nutshell, Rakan’ s well planned academic programs, disciplined and strict environment, excellent notes system, extra workshops, intensified drilling, monthly examination system, marking of work especially BM karangan and English essays, small classroom size, close monitoring and dedicated and caring teachers acts as a catalyst which helps  students to further enhance on their academic performance. Leave your worries to Rakan where we commit ourselves to work together with you as the parent in realising your child’s academic aspirations. 

  • Our program is not a success guaranteed program but, it will certainly help to improve and upgrade the performance of students. However, parents would definitely see some improvement within your child. How fast the improvement takes place truly depends on how well the child cooperates with us. Most of the time, it is not the academic that is needed to be tuned but, it is the students attitude and behaviour that has to be worked on.

  • Thousands of students had joined Rakan’s programmes in the past where they had greatly improved in their studies. You can simply watch our parents and students YouTube testimonies when you click the link Cikgu Vijay. You could also surf Rakan’s official website i.e., www.rakan.edu.my to watch and witness for yourself the many videos, written testimonies and photos of high scorers. One could even visit cikguksvijay.blogspot.com to learn more of Rakan’s fundamental beliefs and read the writings posted there.  It is truly advisable that parents send their children early to us so that we have a longer duration to work on your child. To propel a child towards academic excellence is a daunting task yet, very much possible as it is a long and continual process that requires lots of effort and dedication accompanied by genuine care and love. This is exactly what we do at Rakan.

  • Those students who are academically inclined and lust for knowledge as well as, parents who desire a strict, disciplined, caring and loving learning environment would find Rakan ideal as a reliable and dependable education provider.  Simply said, if your goals are towards academic enhancement then, Rakan is the right place for you. To the contrary, students who attend tuition simply because they wish  to kill  time, waste their parents hard earned money , entertain themselves or even   lack the  aspiration of succeeding in  their lives would not find Rakan suitable. All in all, we would only be able to help those students who wish to help themselves.

Word of inspiration 

By not belittling any child’s  physical condition, in the past, we had Sheila (Not her real name) a physically challenged student who was mentally retarded where she had  attended  Rakan’s   crash revision course three months prior  to the then PMR exam which is now referred to as PT3. Despite Sheila’s shortcomings, she was high spirited and was willing to fight against her limitations. Her parents like any other wanted to give the best to her but, was perplexed of the notion whether Sheila would fit into Rakan’s program. Anyhow, both the mother and Sheila were insistent to try out Rakan’s classes. Prior to joining for Rakan’s program, Sheila was failing in her school subjects which made her mother to be disheartened. By showering lots of love and care, proper guidance and intensified drilling by Rakan teachers coupled with sheer hard work and strong determination from Sheila, Rakan clinched yet another record for itself by registering an unimaginable feat which in fact would have been thought impossible by many whereby, not only Sheila had passed in her PMR exam but better still, she managed to score couple of B’s and C’s for it. Both Sheila’s parents, school teachers and friends were mesmerised with the vast improvement that had taken place in her as she managed to turnover her setbacks by improving on her grades. It is especially a pleasant achievement for Sheila and her parents considering Sheila’s physical condition and the short duration of three months which she had at Rakan to prove her worth. Sheila at the beginning simply could not believe that she would be able to make it where her triumph in the PMR exam in turn boosted her level of confidence to face the many challenges that awaits her. This is not an isolated case as there are plenty other outstanding cases that can be drawn as examples where failing students had greatly improved in their academic performance by leaps and bound in a very short period of time after attending Rakan’s tution classes. If  you were to walk into Rakan centre then, you would be able to see the truth for yourself by comparing Rakan  students pre and post  school exam results after joining Rakan’s programmes  as the saying goes, “ results speaks louder than words”. Hence, it is undisputable that every child has the innate potential to rise above their limits immaterial of whatever circumstances or, predicament that they are in. These students surely can excel academically through proper guidance and simplified teaching method fortified with true love and care.  Such astonishing academic achievements will in turn push them up the ladder of success. The bottom line is to never ever give up!