Rakan’s Highly Sought after Program

A very helpful program that guides students to be focused hence, leading them on the right track towards exam preparation.

This program will definitely assist students to manage their stress level, as well as to discipline themselves by having a good time management practice as they gear towards the upcoming UPSR, PT3 and SPM exams.




What do you gain by joining  Rakan’s Express   Revision Class ?

  1. Accurate spotting of questions. Never Missed!
    We narrow down the scope of study hence, assist students to focus on current years key exam areas mainly, on the favourite topics and questions.
  2. Right mind set
    We guide students to be focused and to move forward on the right track towards exam preparation.
  3. Comprehensive and Intensified Revision
    Quick and a brief run through of the entire syllabus just to refresh your memory thus, to give a kick start on your final revision.
  4. Favourite questions discussed
    Discussion of past year questions and other selected trial papers intended to help students familiarise themselves with the recent years trend of questioning.
  5. Right way of answering
    Students will be taught on ways to answer exam questions appropriately in order to score maximum marks.
  6. Learn exam pitfalls
    We make you aware of the common traps readily awaiting you in your exam questions that is intentionally laid to catch you off guard. Be wary of these traps and aim for higher scoring.
  7. Truly motivated and guided
    Students are guided on time management, self-discipline and stress management techniques. These certainly helps you to focus your mind and energy towards exam preparation.
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Cordial Reminder

Register fast to enjoy the discounted rates. Be quick ! Price increases as the month passes. Register right away for Rakan’s ever famous  UPSR, PT3 & SPM Express Class.


Program Commencement Period

UPSR – June , July & August
1st phase – June
2nd phase – July
3rd phase – August
(Call us at 012 – 680 5900 to find out the exact date of the program)

PT3 – June, July & August
1st phase  – June
2nd phase – July
3rd phase – August
(Call us at 012 – 680 5900 to find out the exact date of the program)

SPM –  July, August & September
1st phase – July
2nd phase – August 
3rd phase – September
(Call us at 012 – 680 5900 to find out the exact date of the program)


Program Timing and investment to be made

Level Days Hours per week Total hours per month Investment

Groups A,B, C & D

Sat & Sun



Do call us right away at 012 – 680 5900 to learn about the best promotional discounts.

Groups A,B, C & D

Sat & Sun



Do call us right away at 012 – 680 5900 to learn about the best promotional discounts.

(13 subjects offered)

Sat & Sun 6pm -10pm

6 (For 6 subjects)

24 (For 6 subjects)

Do call us right away at 012 – 680 5900 to learn about the best promotional discounts.

For SPM students,  if you intend to add more than 6 subjects, then an additional investment is required.


UPSR & PT3 – Choices of timetable

Group A 8am-11am Sat & Sun
Group B 4pm-7pm Sat & Sun
Group C 8am-7pm Sat (There will be a break in between)
Group D 8am-7pm Sun (There will be a break in between)

There is a possibility for the timetable (Day and time to change). Therefore, do immediately call 012 – 680 5900 to know of the latest timetable and the investment required for this program. This is a sure sell out program.

Due to overwhelming response for this program in the past, we would close the registration upon successfully achieving our target number as the seats are limited. We urge you to book your place early to avoid disappointment. All bookings are on a first come first serve basis.


Subjects offered

Level Subjects offered
UPSR (SK, SRJK ( C ) & SRJK ( T ) – 6 subjects B.Melayu (Pemahaman & Penulisan), B.Inggeris (Writing &  Comprehension), Maths and Science
PT3 (4 subjects) B.Melayu, B.Inggeris, Maths and Science.
SPM (Arts & Science  – 13 subjects) B.Melayu, B.Inggeris, Mathematics, Sejarah, Science, Ekonomi, Perdagangan, P.Akaun, Moral, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics and Biology

For those unable to attend for Rakan’s UPSR , PT3 and SPM Express Revision Classes, you may purchase Rakan’s Mail Order Exam Tips that has the most complete tips, notes and sample questions, as well as model answers for many subjects.

Price for Express Revision Class depends on the month that you make payment. Call us immediately to  012 – 680 5900 to find out about the current promotional rates and also, to register yourself.  Of course, if you register and pay early, you tend to enjoy a lower rate. Do not waste any more time! Call us  right  away  to book your place.


Payment Instructions:

The payment method is either through cash bank in, bank draft, cheque,  online transfer or direct pay  at Rakan’s center.  The account number and payment details are specified below. Payment must be made at least a week before the program date. Seats will only be confirmed once we have received the full payment. Payment through cheque must be cleared at least one week prior to the program date.

After successfully making payment into the specified a/c no (For payment modes mentioned above except for direct pay at Rakan centre), you are then requested to take a snapshot or photocopy of the payment slip/cheque deposit slip as prove of payment and subsequently, do WhatsApp the image to 012 – 680 5900, or scan and email the photocopied payment slip to info@rakan.edu.my. Also, do not forget to include details such as the student, parent and school  name, postal address,  level ( students current standard/ form in school), stream pursued for those in Form 4,5 or 6, and all other relevant contact information like telephone number, email address and etc,  along with  the WhatsApp or email sent . If all information are in order and the payment made has been verified, then the application/ registration / subscription would be accepted where we shall revert back with a conformation reply.


Account Details:

All payment must be made to My Synergy Solutions bearing the below stated account number:



Public Bank


Make payment and reserve a place right away!!


Important Notice:

  1. Repeating SPM students must obtain prior permission from the management.
  2. We reserve absolute right to discard any application and refund any payment made without any interest, reason/s or prior notification.
  3. Indiscipline students will be expelled from the program.
  4. All payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Our program is not success guaranteed, but it will certainly help to improve and upgrade the performance of students.

• Terms & conditions apply