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  • UPSR (SK) 6 subjects – B.Melayu (Pemahaman & Penulisan), English  (Comprehension & Writing), Maths and Science
  • UPSR (SJK Cina & Tamil) 6 subjects – B.Melayu (Pemahaman & Penulisan), English (Comprehension & Writing), Maths and Science
  • PT3 – 4 subjects – B.Melayu, English, Maths and Science.
  • SPM (Science Stream) – 8 subjects – B.Melayu, English, Maths, Sejarah, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematics
  • SPM (Arts Stream) – 7 subjects – B.Melayu, B.Inggeris, Mathematics, Sejarah, Science, Ekonomi and Perdagangan


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  • Our exam tips are not success guaranteed, but it will certainly help to improve and upgrade the performance of students.


These are not leaked questions, but merely spotted ones. However, after much analysis and close monitoring of the trend in previous year’s exam questions, we had narrowed down some of the most important topics and questions that needs emphasis for the current year. Please ensure that you have studied the syllabus thoroughly hence, prepared well for your exams and make use of the given materials only as a complementary guide towards your exam preparation. The answers provided are merely sample ones.

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