Caters for Primary 1 to 5, UPSR, Form 1, 2, 3 (PT3), Form 4, 5 (SPM) and Form 6 (STPM) students.


What does Rakan’s Intensive Class has to offer  you?

  • Both weekday & weekend classes are conducted
  • Day and night sessions are made available
  • 100% Exam Oriented
  • Intake open every beginning and middle of the month
  • Small class size
  • Excellent teachers
  • Personalised tutoring
  • Regular motivation
  • Taught to master key topics using Mind Mapping methods
  • Constant evaluation of progress
  • Regular notification of student’s progress
  • Longer duration
  • Regular meet the parent sessions
  • Revision of Primary 4, 5 & 6 topics for UPSR students
  • Revision of Form 1, 2 & 3 topics for PT3 students
  • Revision of Form 4 & 5 topics for SPM students
  • Preparation of model answers for BM (Karangan) and English (Essay)


Join Rakan’s Real Intensive Revision classes.

You will be drilled on and exposed to various types of questions mainly, on the favourite questions from the important topics for the year.


More information about Rakan’s Intensive class

Why must you join Rakan’s Intensive Classes ?

  1. Caters for Primary 1 to 5 , Primary 6 (UPSR), Form 1, 2, 3 (PT3), Form 4, 5 (SPM) and Form 6 (STPM) students
    Rakan runs intensive tuition classes for students of all levels in accordance with the national syllabus as outlined by the Education Ministry.
  2. Flexibility in days
    Both weekday and weekend classes are conducted where parents are offered  a variety of timetable to pick and choose from. In addition to that, we are one of the few to organise such flexible timetable. Parents are willing to fetch their children to and fro as they feel more relaxed to commute their kids during weekends as it does not clash with their working schedule. Moreover, students wouldn’t be strained or even feel tired in attending tuition classes as it is not on a schooling day. As such, the weekend class arrangement benefits students tremendously as they remain fresh physically and mentally to learn. This enables them to follow with the lessons well as their absorption capacity would not be compromised as opposed to attending tuition after a tiring school day. In fact, Rakan’s weekend classes gets overwhelming response from students who travel from great distances i.e., as far as Penang, Johor, Seremban and other distant parts of the Klang Valley.
  3. Day and Night Classes
    This provides flexibility in time to Rakan’s class schedule where parents can have the choice whether to send their children either at night or during the day depending to their convenience. As a whole, this is why many students and parents favour Rakan as for its flexibility in timing as there are variety of sessions to be selected from.
  4. Proven teaching methodology
    Rakan’s teaching methodology is 100% exam based and holistic in nature. We teach students to master key areas that would commonly be tested upon during examination. We teach our students to conquer the examination battle in the correct fashion in order for them to attain the results that they aspire.
  5. Frequent intakes
    Rakan’s intakes opens every beginning and middle of the month. However, it is wise for students to hurry up and register early as early birds can look forward in enjoying great discounts through Rakan’s “Back to School promotion”.
  6. Small class size
    Rakan limits the number of students at approximately 20 to 25 pupil per class. Emphasis is not merely given to academic excellence, but is also extended to personal discipline and moral conduct. This small number per class allows our teachers to monitor students closely, and also, help to better interact with them. Henceforth, this certainly encourages students to be bold therefore, to daringly ask questions on areas that they do not understand. This creates a positive ambience for better learning.
  7. Excellent teachers
    Rakan teachers make the subject matter easier and simple enough for students to absorb what they are being taught. Our teachers are very  vibrant, dedicated and experienced in their very own field of subjects.
    Click the below link to watch Rakan’s Intensive class teaching video:
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  8. Personalised tutoring
    Students are given personal attention in order for them to understand the subject matter well. Not only that, they are taught by Rakan’s teachers till they are able to grasp what they had been taught. Extra tutorials are conducted on weekly basis to further assist all student in order for them to cope with their studies.
  9. Regular motivation
    Constant motivation is given to students as Rakan strongly believes that every student needs an energy booster which is termed as motivation. Therefore, we at Rakan often inspire our students in order for them to be at their peak performance level.
  10. Mind Mapping methods
    Here in Rakan, the subject matter is always made easy. Students are taught to master key topics using mind mapping methods as teaching them to understand will be our ultimate priority. We adapt to these methods as to help students overpower any subject thus, building on their foundation from a solid footing. Teaching students to understand is the key mantra which is upheld strongly by all members of Rakan’s teaching faculty.
  11. Constant evaluation of progress
    We constantly conduct monthly exams and evaluate the performance of students so that we are able to identify their weak areas hence, initiate ways to help them improve on their subject matter. At the same time, parents will be notified of their children’s performance and the progress that takes place as parents come in for the consultative meet during our monthly teacher – parent sessions.
  12. Longer Duration
    Rakan’s Intensive classes have longer duration of time which gives us an upper hand in gaging students via the increased contact hours. Not only that, we also would be carrying out revision of previous years work i.e., UPSR (revision of standard 4 & 5 work), PT3 (revision of Form 1 & 2 work) and SPM (revision of Form 4 work).
    Rest assured, thorough revision is done for UPSR, PT3 and SPM students. Moreover, the scope of study would be narrowed down to the important topics as greater focus will be given to the type of questions that is expected to come out for the year.
  13. Exposure to various questions
    Students would be exposed to past year questions and selected trial papers of top schools in the country. This would definitely be a tremendous help for them to adjust and familiarise themselves with the types of questions that are frequently asked.
  14. Preparation of model answers for BM (Karangan) and English (Essay)
    Model answers would be given to students in order for them to get a rough idea on what examiners seek from a student’s answer script in terms of their maturity in putting together their ideas and views. Therefore, here at Rakan, our teachers would always make an extra effort to mark students’ compositions, be it Karangan or English essay. This allows students to identify their shortcomings thus, help them to further improve on their creative work.
  15. Great study ambience
    Conducive learning environment, safe and a pleasant atmosphere is created. No hanky panky and no nonsense of any sort would be tolerated. Students are required to be alert and be prepared for lessons as Rakan’s classroom teachings are always interactive. Students’ participation in class is made compulsory. Air conditioned room with comfortable sitting space are made ready. Students’ safety is always prioritised as we are a fully registered centre with the Education Department hence, we do comply with the regulations laid out by the authorities. Students’ attendance is closely monitored and parents will be notified at once when their children continually fail to be present for classes.  Join Rakan’s Intensive classes right away!!!

Do not hesitate to contact us directly for further clarification about Rakan’s Intensive Program at 012-6805900. Find out about the latest timetable, investment required and on-going promotions.

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