Change is a must as it is not a matter of choice.

‘Sincere Care, Quality and Excellence’. Since 1998, it has been our drive for the betterment,  quest for enrichment and thirst for excellence, that has pushed us forward and help to upkeep and upgrade ourself with the intense demands and  needs of parents and students alike. To be abreast and stay relevant with the advancement in the education standards of Malaysia, we constantly revamp and modify our methods and practices in  our day to day operations. We are ready to change and accept suggestions to further enhance on the quality of our services. If not, we will surely become obsolete .
With that  in mind, we relentlessly seek for feedback from parents / students in the form of suggestions, remarks or criticisms, of any kind, that would further add to our strength and help overcome our weaknesses thus, allow us to fulfill our pledge to our customers i.e, to provide Quality Teaching with Sincere Care.

To further add value to our existence and to better understand parents expectations, we  carried out a survey on 500 parents from various backgrounds in 5 different locations around the Klang Valley.  We wanted to know what mattered the most to them when it comes to sourcing of a tuition center for their children. We simply threw this question at them. “If you are planning to send your child to a tuition center, what will be some of the major criteria that you would consider a must in this center” ?

To our astonishment, almost all parent shared the same view point. They knew exactly what to look for and were very focused indeed. Great importance was placed on  their children’s education. Certainly, you would agree to this remark as well. We also belief that you would share the same view as to the question asked in the survey. 
These  are some of the findings of the survey arranged according to prioritized sequence from the top.

1. Teaching quality 2. Tutor standards
3. Notes and Materials 4. Students quantity per class
5. Assessment 6. Safety
7. Facilities 8. Improvement
9. Assurance 10. Track Record
11. Discipline 12. Alerting parents
13. Homework supervision 14. Fees
15. Spotted questions 16. Choice of timetable
17. Replacement of classes 18. Extra classes
19. Students’ tiredness 20. Seminar, Crash Course and other programs
21. Parent / Student Counseling 22. Holiday Classes
23. Licensing and approval 24. Non academic programs

It was motivating to us as most of the criteria outlined by parent’s were already part of  our system . However, we took immediate measures to incorporate one or two other criteria mentioned by them to further enhance on our delivery system. That’s right ! At Rakan, we are obliged  in  welcoming your views and ready to bow down to any shortfalls. Immediate steps are taken to rectify our weaknesses. Students are of great priority to us and we strongly uphold on our believe that, at Rakan,  there should never be a neglected child.