There are four ways in which you can benefit from Rakan’s Distant Learning Program

  1. Notes and Questions
    Subscribe to our monthly notes where it consists of simplified short notes and questions to be done as exercise. These questions and notes are very carefully selected to help you further improve on your understanding and learning of subjects.
  2. Monthly tutorials
    Attend our monthly tutorials which would be held during weekends (Saturdays and /or Sundays). Prior to this, we will e-mail a set of exercise for you to complete at home and to bring it along as these questions will be discussed in greater detail during the tutorial classes. Students get a chance to ask questions, as well as to seek advice from our very experienced teachers as the tutorials would be truly interactive in nature. The explanation given is comprehensive and made easy to digest as our priority is to make students understand the subject matter well.
    Click the below link to watch Rakan’s tutorial video:
    YouTube Preview Image
  3. Teaching CD’s
    Obtain our teaching CD’s which would help you to understand better on specific topic areas and subjects. Good explanations and simple method of solving problems would be provided for greater understanding.
  4. Marking of English Essays and BM Karangan
    Weekly topics will be sent via e-mail where students are required to write their Karangan and Essay according to the given title. Subsequently, students either scan and e-mail their written answer script, choose to mail or hand over the script by hand at Rakan’s center.  Rakan’s teachers will mark the work and then get it graded. Next, the corrected work will be forwarded to students for further observation. In this way, Rakan’s experienced teachers are given the opportunity to mark students work whereby, they would be compelled to highlight students weak areas mainly, to correct students grammar and sentence structures without changing their original ideas. This would certainly help them to improve further on their writing skills and in time, students would be trained to write well.


Benefit from Rakan’s distant learning program.

With this facility, even those who are staying very far away are able to access into Rakan’s meticulously planned teaching materials, as well as learn from the best and most dedicated teachers in town. Distance is no longer a barrier with Rakan’s distant learning program!


Please do call us at 012-680 5900 for further information.

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